Support programs

Support programs

You would like to introduce a funding program for photovoltaics, renewable energies or energy efficiency? We support you in the conception, in the process and in the development and programming of an efficient software for applicants and the handling. With Effienergie AG, we have had a competence center for efficient implementation in the processing of applications for more than 10 years.

The TNC experience for 30 years:

2017 – 2021 Building program of the cantons

From 2017, the responsibility for the building envelope was transferred from the federal government to the cantons. This will turn the national “Building Program” into a support program for the individual cantons. Effienergie is responsible for the implementation of the program in 13 cantons.

From 2013 electricity efficiency programs „ProKilowatt“

Together with Effienergie, TNC has developed electricity efficiency support programs for 9 cantons. Effienergie takes over the execution including the payment of the subsidies. The cantons take over the communication of the program. The main subsidies are the replacement of electric water heaters with heat pump boilers, replacement o circulation pumps, replacement lighting in non-residential buildings. The financing is provided by “ProKilowatt”. Competitive tenders efficiently use existing funding.

2014 – 2017 Support program Building Automation Systems of the Foundation KliK

The Foundation KliK supports the renewal of building automation systems in accordance with SIA Standard 386.110.

Tasks TNC:

  • Preparation of the funding model
  • Development and programming of the web platform for application submission
  • Training of the project supervisors
  • Communication in collaboration with the industry

The implementation of the program was carried out by the Effienergie until 2016, from 2017 the foundation KliK itself. Applications can be submitted until the end of 2017.

2010 – 2018 “The Building Program”

„The Building Program of the Confederation and the Cantons“ promotes energy renovation in a national part and the use of renewable energies in the cantonal part. The the national part, Effienergie will implement the promotion of building envelope renovations for 17 cantons. Applications for the program could be submitted by the end of 2016. Every year, 7,000 to 8,000 applications were submitted. By the end of 2018, the implementation and settlement phase of the applications will be completed. 4% of the projects are audited annually by Effienergie on site.

All in all, the implemented measures have resulted in an annual impact of 802’000 tonnes of CO2 since 2010 and a reduction in the annual energy consumption of 4’019 GWh.

2006 – 2010 Building Program of the Foundation Klimarappen

A funding program for the renovation of the building envelope to save CO2.

Tasks TNC:

  • Concept and elaboration funding model on behalf of the Foundation Klimarappen
  • Construction of two competence centers in German-speaking Switzerland and French-speaking Switzerland
  • Operation of the German-speaking competence center
  • Development and programming of the online based application form as well as software for the application processing and statistics function
  • Founding of „Gebäudeprogramm AG“, later „Effienergie AG“, for the implementation of the funding program.


  • 8’129 projects
  • 175 Mio. Fr. contributions Foundation Klimarappen
  • additionally 42 Mio. Fr. contributions from 9 cantons (AG, BE, FR, LU, NE, SG, VD, VS, ZH)
  • 1.6 Mrd. Fr. triggered energetically effective construction measures
  • Training and accreditation of 1’600 project supervisors
  • Enforcement costs below 5% of the distributed contributions, with a mean funding ratio of 12.5%, the implementation costs related to the triggered investments are less than 1%.

Download final report Building Program 2011 PDF

1997 – 1999 Investment Program Energie 2000

As part of Parliament’s job creation program, Fr. 64 million was granted for exemplary Energie 2000 projects in the private sector

Tasks TNC:

  • Concept and development of the computer-aided project database
  • electronic enforcement
  • Training and coaching of employees in competence centers
  • Supervision of EDP and running statistics in operation
  • 2005 Follow-up survey and success control on behalf of the BFE


  • Implementation costs less than 5% of federal funds distributed or 0.5% of economic benefits due to modern electronic aids.
  • 2’200 projects
  • Distributed contributions Fr. 64 Mio.
  • Execution costs Fr. 3.2 Mio.
  • Triggered private investments Fr. 514 Mio.
  • Triggered jobs 1998/99 2’800, 5’600 persons years
  • Relief of federal finances 1998/99 Fr. 70 Mio.
  • Savings of 370’000 tons of heatin oil, 140 Mio. kWh electricity in the next 20 years.

Download PDF summary program

1996 First Solar Power Exchange ewz

The concept of the ewz solar power exchange was developed by TNC on behalf of the power station of the city of Zurich ewz. The concept was awarded the European Solar Prize in 1997. In 1997, TNC also realized the first PV system on the Swissmill silo that supplied electricity for the solar power exchange. The concept has been widely copied in different countries.

Since then, the solar electricity suppliers have benefited from long-term purchase agreements and customers are promoting an environmentally friendly production method by purchasing the electricity. More than 280 plants belong to the ewz solar power exchange, which today is the largest solar power provider in Switzerland. ewz guarantees producers a 20-year electricity purchase at a cost-covering price. Solar electricity customers pay the same price, without agency fees.

The solar power exchange is a competitive bidding model for minimizing solar production costs (at least 25% lower than KEV compensation). Tenants get the opportunity to buy local solar power at the lowest possible prices. The production volume of the ewz solar power exchange with 280 systems is currently over 11 GWh / a.

1995/96 Ideas competition „electricity instead of noise“

Project idea and implementation of the competition for integrated PV sound barriers by TNC Consulting AG, Switzerland and TNC Energieconsulting GmbH, Germany.

19 companies worked out 31 suggestions. 6 concepts were selected by the jury, 4 by German companies, 2 by Swiss companies. 6x 10 kW pilot plants were realized, 3 in Germany, 3 in Switzerland.

TNC was supported by

  • Schweizer Energieforschungsfonds NEFF
  • Bundesamt für Energie BFE
  • Bundesamt für Strassen ASTRA
  • Stromsparfonds der Stadt Zürich
  • Deutschen Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie
  • Bayernwerk AG, München

Realized projects:

  • PV noise barrier along the train in Wallisellen, Switzerland, 9.6 kW, plant owner TNC Consulting AG, Swiss Solarprize 1999
  • worldwide first bifacial PV noise barrier on the A1 bei Wallisellen/Aubrugg, Switzerland, 10 kW, plant owner TNC
  • Thin-film PV noise barrier Brüttisellen, Switzerland, 10 kW, plant owner TNC
  • Three PV noise barriers on the A96 Munich Lindau, Germany, 10 kW, glass-alu-construction, beton-construction and metal cassettes, plant owner Bayernwerk AG, Munich