Energy management

Measurement and analysis

Our services

  • We monitor the functionality and effectiveness of photovoltaic systems using measurements and analysis
  • We present the measured results in a form that gives a voice to the “mute” photovoltaic systems.
  • We also give the current solar radiation values, and thus show the performance and the specific benefits.
  • Visualization

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2014-2016 Comparison of different inverter concepts under real conditions when repowering a 15-year PV plant with partial shading

2004 Bifacial noise barrier along the railway station Münsingen, Bern (Switzerland): Measurement campaign and report

2003 Low energy house measurement campaign 2000 – 2003 and report

1999 BIPV Stadelhofen scoreboard, measurement campaign and report

1997 PV Swissmill Zurich, scoreboard

1993/1995 Measurements at two solar houses in Sevelen (Switzerland), thermal and photovoltaic

1992 Bundeshaus Bern scoreboard, measurement campaign and report

1989 PV noise barrier A13 Domat/Ems (Switzerland) scoreboard, measurement campaign and report



The combination of energy efficiency, photovoltaic, grid-connection and electromobility to an overall system

  • Power and heat efficiency: energy-efficient appliances, optimum thermal insulation, renewable heat, optimal management of comfort, energy and safety
  • Smart PV: for domestic electricity consumption + additional electricity for heat and electromobility, maximum and demand-orientated electricity production
  • Smart grid connection: Consumption adapted to PV production, anticipatory optimization of production and demand, storage in the 24-hour cycle and reduction of connected load to the grid
  • Elektromobility: Charge with PV, use electric vehicle as power storage, use in addition as a movable load

Your advantages:

  • Reduce your heat and electricity consumption
  • Save energy costs and improve your carbon footprint
  • Increase your living comfort
  • Increase your PV self-consumption
  • Improve the efficiency of your PV system
  • Become independent of energy prices
  • Realize your own “solar filling station”
  • Increase your operational safety
  • Track power production and daily energy consumption on your tablet

Our services:

  • Consulting energy management
  • Development of individual TNCALL concept incl. TNCALL conductor
  • Inventory report including analysis of consumption data
  • Consulting energy efficiency
  • Accompaniment / quality assurance in planning, tendering and implementation
  • Support for building renewal, heating replacement and PV system
  • Delivery, installation and commissioning of TNCALLConductor
  • Evaluation and success control in operation, report and documentation
  • Individual optimization of energy management
  • Publication and communication for all TNCALL projects