Effienergie AG

Effienergie AG, a fully owned subsidiary of TNC, focusses on the issue of energy efficiency on buildings.

2006 – 2009 the company (then under the name “Gebäudeprogramm AG”) was responsible for the allocation of funds of the Climate Cent Foundation. Better isolation was financially supported by more than 10,000 buildings in Switzerland.

Since 2010 Examination of requests of the national program “Das Gebäudeprogramm”. The Gebäudeprogramm AG is responsible for the technical, professional and administrative implementation for 17 cantons.

In the internet area “Vorher-Nachher-Bereich” are more than 1,000 good examples of successful building renovations.

2012 the company “Gebäudeprogramm AG” occurs under “Effienergie” and switched 2015 the name to “Effienergie AG”

For the program “Wohnqualität Flughafenregion” of the canton Zurich Effienergie is responsible for the examination of applications.

Since 2014 with the programs “effiWatt” measures for electricity efficiency are supported in more than 5 cantons.

Since october 2014 – 2017  Effienegie and TNC are responsible for the  Förderprogramm Gebäudeautomation der Stiftung KliK.